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About Our President
Company History

About Us

Mission Statement

Trinity Technology Services, Inc. (TTS) seeks to provide cutting-edge products and services for facility owners and the special trades contractors while training our employees to implement and support an ever-growing demand for installed technology in the Greater Chicago area.

About Our Company

Trinity Technology Services has been in business for over 12 years under the leadership of our president, George Kinnison. We are an MBE & DBE-certified, specialized company that sells HVAC-associated equipment and also supplies Technical Labor individuals or teams to work in the Chicago, Midwest and the United States. Materials we have sold consist of the following:

    - Electronic Temperature Controllers
    - Personal Computers to act as front ends for the controllers
    - I/O field panels (Bacnet or LonWorks)
    - Field sensors and equipment
    - Actuators
    - Dampers
    - Valves and Actuators

    Our President

    George N. Kinnison entered DeVry Institute of Technology in 1974 and obtained an education in the electronics industry. George graduated in 1977 with a bachelors of science degree in electronic engineering technology. George was led to a job with Johnson Controls. This decision was the beginning of his career in Building Automation.

    George later returned to Devy and earned a master’s degree in project management. Shortly after graduation he started his own business in November of 1990. George proudly named his company Applied Controls & Contracting Services Inc. ACCS is a building automation company that designs, provides, installs, and services temperature control systems, card access systems, fire system interlocking, lighting controls and energy monitoring systems. We also provide Johnson Controls building automation system equipment.

    In 1995, George Kinnison founded his second company, Trinity Technology Services, Inc., which trains and employs individuals in various technological fields such as fire alarm testing, security installation, and temperature controls preventative maintenance.

    In 2013, George was given the honor of the 2013 Minority Supplier of the Year award, Class 1 by the Chicago Minority Supplier Development Council.

    Company History

    In 2003, George Kinnison began a second company in addition to his temperature controls corporation, Applied Controls & Contracting Services, Inc., named Trinity Technology Services. Trinity Technology Services would become the temporary project company, working with security, fire systems and transit vehicle installations.

    Trinity Technology Services employees fluctuate according to available work. During the years 10-50 individuals have been utilized proportional to the project opportunities available in the market.

    George Kinnison believes in second chances. He has hired and trained ex-offenders that have proven to be hard working and diligent technicians. He also reaches out to the community churches for talented individuals and provides them with tools, training, and support and gives them work.

    George and his staff and have built up great relationships with many corporations and contractors.

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