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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?
We are corporation proficient in installing, repairing, inspecting and servicing fire, security and energy managing equipment with 11 years of experience in the industries.

What types of certifications do we have?
We are a Certified MBE and DBE contractor

Does TTS do larger building automation systems?
Yes, with our sister company ACCS we can provide and install energy managing systems in larger buildings.

What about wireless WEB thermostats?
Yes we provide and install these for our customers.

Does we have NICET Certified employees?

Are we union or Non-union?
We are non-union. We work with union installers when required on projects and works with them to get the projects installed

How far are we willing to travel?
We will travel anywhere in the USA as long as we can do it competitively for our customer.

How large is our staff?
We have a pool of Technicians we use as required. We provide "quick training" programs for large custom projects so we can ramp up with employees quickly if required.
We once were awarded a project from a major corporation where we had to hire 45 new people and train them within a couple of weeks and get them out of the streets installing product for our customer.
We have usually 10 to 15 technicians working.

What else do we do?
We install low voltage Transit Vehicle equipment on Buses, Rail Cars and other vehicles like GPS systems, Fuel Monitoring Systems, CCTV systems and Network Systems.

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